Feel ready to start using your DNA for tracing your genealogy!

15 Aug 2008

Residents of Iredell County learned a new way to trace their origins last Saturday during the Genealogical Society’s daylong event, “Genealogies of Yadkin Valley.”

“Using DNA is one of the newest and latest tools of tracing your genealogy, and it’s remarkable,” said Wells, who represented Family Tree DNA.”You can see if they migrated, you can find out more about your great-aunt and maybe she acted strangely, but that was because she had a baby die at childbirth … you just never know what secrets the past will reveal,” Wells said.

We all know that because of paper trails for genealogical lines usually stopping in the late 1700s or early 1800s, because of spelling changes and fires in courthouses or libraries… it is hard to find relatives. But DNA helps discover previously unknown kinships, identify errors in paper form and as a result makes research easier.

How does it work? After obtaining samples and finding a reliable testing company, it takes between almost a month and a half to get the results, it means a string of numbers that you’ll have to read and compare. Some group of administrator also exist to help you analyze results.

However, it’s worth shedding light on some shortcomings:

-First it does not replace paper documentation since it does not name common ancestors, it is more a tool to prove lineage. Several companies, like Family Tree DNA, can assist you to confirm your family tree or allow you to determine whether two people are related if you give them DNA of someone.

- It’s less reffective for females to use DNA than for males because thanks to Y-DNA, we can determine paternal and maternal lines, whereas for females it is just maternal.

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