Genealogy Days in Malmö, Sweden

11 Sep 2008

Today, we have the devoted genealogist Anna-Karin from Sweden as a guest-writer on the Kindo blog. She has a genealogy blog in English, where she posts news about genealogy and here’s her report from the Genealogy Days in Sweden!

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This years Swedish Genealogy Days the yearly conference of the Swedish Federation of Genealogical Societies was held in the city of Malmö in the province of Skåne in southern Sweden. Over 100 exibitors crowded in the convention center at Europaporten in Malmö. Everything from genealogical societies, archives to companies offering original sources online.

Erik Gustavson from the Kinship Center in Karlstad in the province of Värmland spoke about EMIWEB a new project launched by the Kinship Center the Swedish Emigrant Institute. Göteborgs Emigranten and some others.

EMIWEB is a webb-place aimed at housing some of the databases containing Swedish emigrants to USA and other countries for example databases of Swedish emigrants taken from Swedish church records and also members of Swedish-American societies.In time the databases should be searchable over the web for a subscription fee. I was lucky to get an interview with Erik Gustavson which I hope to use in a later podcast episode.

Among the exibitors was the Swedish Emigrant Institute from Växjö. They were friendly to let me go with them in their car.
Here we can see archivist Kristina Persson and Bo Björklund study some of the Institutes databases containing Swedish emigrants to USA and other places.

The second day of the Genealogy Days provided many intresting lectures. Since the theme of the conference was the
Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 when the provinces of Skåne Halland and Blekinge became Swedish (they had belonged to Denmark before that) and how that and following events impacted the people of the provinces as well as Denmark and Sweden.

Many of the lectures of the conference was on this theme. I attended one about “The terrible Swedes” given by Charlotte S H Jensen (in the middle of the picture to the left). Despite this fact she and several other friendly Danes had come as representatives of Samenslutningen af Slaegthistoriske foreninger(Danish Genealogical Societies) to give help and answer questions from people with Danish roots. For those interested in Danish genealogy here is a link to a thew web-page of Arkivalieronline (Danish archives online). I even got an interview with Charlotte which I will use in a later podcast episode.

The members Malmö Genealogical Society who organised the conference surely had a lot to do. As seen on the picture beside. they had their hands full of showing people around. Unfortunately I could not get an interview with any of them.

Peter Wallenskog former C E O of Genline
spoke of the companys goal to provide still more Swedish church records online. s well as the companys new websites and Familjeband (family ties) is a webased site were it should be possible to put up ones family three online. it seems interesting however it is still in BETA face. they seam to have problems with importing gedcom files.
and I do not think the site really will will take of until they have solved that problem.

Bygdeband (ties to places) is a similar website but aimed at local historical societies so they will be able to but up their materials about different locations for example photos and descriptions. It should then be possible to tie persons from to places in I got an interview with Peter Wallenskog this year too which I will use in a later podcast episode.

The most far away participants I could find was Lorna Nelson and Lenora Lynam from the Mc Pherson County Old Mill Museum in Lindsborg Kansas. Linsborg was founded by swedes in the late 1860-ties and still a great part of the population has their ancestors in Sweden. It seems like the Old Mill museum has some cooperation with Genline sinc ethey were standing in the Genline conference booth.
it was very nice speaking to them and I also got an interview with Lorna.

A popular feature at the Genealogy Days was “Släktsök” (Search your family) A place in the exibition hall with a lot of computers. there any visitor to the conference could search their ancestors or relatives in genealogy databases CD-Roms or sites with scnanned images online for free (and even get a little help fom experienced genealogists). All to get a little taste if Family History was something for them.

As a whole thew Genealogy Days was very worth visiting. The entrance fee for visitors was relatively modest 40 Swedish kronor for each Day (a little over 6 American dollar).so you cold visit both conference day for about 12-13 dollar no preregistration was needed for visitors (only for exibitors). Around 3000 people attended and there were around 110 exibitors. The Swedish Federation of Genealogical societies also elected a new chairman Barbro Stålheim who succeded Ted Rosvall. Next years genealogy Days will be in the city of Falköping in the province of Västergötland!

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